The way to the top

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My son’s in first grade, participating in a climbing class. Standing in front of a huge wall, with hundreds of colorful bumps all angled differently. He has one goal, to reach the top. One goal, with many ways to accomplish it. There’s an easy way for the little ones, but none of them take it, […]

You don’t have to choose, you can have both

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Most fields contains “sides.” Political parties represent different ideologies and worldviews, they are opposing. In other areas, specifically in the bar industry, this doesn’t make sense, and “sides” are inculcated. There’s no contrast between beer and cocktails, you can love both, consume both, serve both, they live in peace and harmony. There’s no contrast between […]

Time management, weak point

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Bartender- A young man in his early 20s, works in shifts, sometimes only at night, but sometimes at all hours of the day. Drinks (of course), smokes (too bad). Minimal nutrition, early morning hamburger, usually wakes up late. It’s clear that I have stigmatized something that does not reflect 100% of all involved with the […]

There is no spoon

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Teach a movement, a specific nuance within a movement, understand the student’s body language, this are difficult to understand. The difficulty stems from the gap between my current level and (other instructors) or beginner/immature level of someone who is just taking their first steps. It’s incredibly difficult to connect with how you were at the […]

Time cannot be stopped

Artender Blog

Most of the time, people in the industry arrive in their early 20s, with the whole world spread out before them, at this stage time seems like an inexhaustible resource. Their bodies are young and recover easily from wild nights, their livers break down the alcohol molecules flowing in their blood with irritating ease. They […]

Elephant in the room

Artender Blog

There’s an elephant in the room, and it needs to be talked about“Why should I bartend for a living, if I can make the same as a delivery person”. This question has been thrown into the air more than once in recent years, and it has posed a real problem in the hospitality industry. A […]

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