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Today we reached 100,000 followers on Instagram.One hundred thousand.Firstly of all: I know. I know that the level of attention and concentration on Instagram is below zero. I know that Instagram sometimes provokes antagonism. I know people tend to be cynical about the content shown, treating it as a filter for reality. I know that […]


Artender Blog

This week, I met with a well-known bartender (at least in the bartending community,) a high-ranking person in the industry, with a significant role and impressive achievements by all accounts. I allow myself to assume that he (or she ) could easily work in any bar they wanted to. An owner would give anything to have […]

The crystal ball ????

Artender Blog

“Artender” is an imagination, a vision, an idea, based on a belief, based on the question “What could have been if?…” This vision, or to be more precise, the reality that the vision aspires, does not exist in reality. It needs to be made. “Gym for bartenders” isn’t branding, it’s a training model. One that […]

A bar language, sequences-sequences

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The work of the bar is built from sequences of actions. Regardless of the aesthetic level of the bartender, speed, knowledge, or any other parameter – the work can be “brake down” into a logical order of operations. As an example, let’s take the obvious: opening shaker(s) > pouring ingredients > mixing/shaking > straining > […]

Aesthetics are not drills

Artender Blog

look at the pour cuts in the sequence: https://www.instagram.com/tv/Cf8mGWgux7i/?igshid=Y2I2MzMwZWM3ZA== It’s called a Bump cut, and it’s a specific way to finish pouring from a bottle with a pourer. The “bump-cut” is one pouring cut from a variety of pouring cuts. There’s also an “inside cut,” “outside cut” and “bumps between pours”. These pouring cuts are […]

A world of people

Artender Blog

The professional world of bar people, for all its complexity, can be divided into two categories: The first – professionalismThe second – human relations Under the “professional” category is all the professional/technical knowledge that can be translated behind the bar into value. From general information, to specific anecdotal knowledge. Did you do a bartending course? […]

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